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Apr 20, 2018
Jun 11, 2017
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Male, from Mars, Mark Watney's Potato Farm

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Apr 20, 2018
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    I am a proffesional gardener who works at Eurasia to make sure their lawn is beautiful.


    Are you tired of those pesky penguins sinking your ship?
    Do you want to 100% penguin proof your vehicle?
    too bad you cant.

    You can however help penguins club seals to death and
    stop the Netherlands from harvesting potatoes!

    "Speedi's destruction of Berlin will not be tolerated.
    Factions of NC, Ready yourselves for war.
    We will fight, to the last soldier.
    We will survive, until our last base is wiped from the planet.
    We will destroy Speedi's reign of terror once and for all.
    We will restore the peaceful world of yesterday.
    We will succeed.
    Glory to the old German Empire
    Glory to the Prussian Empire
    Glory to NavalClash!" - Terrariola

    "I saw the entire thing, definitely speedilopez ft. TacoNavy" - Sidewalk
    "Why you believe the punishment was unfair: This shows how incompetent our NavalClash staff are. Not only are they incompetent of spelling "Sealing" right, they cannot see how the evidence pointed out by others was false. I have never sealed or done anything illegal on NavalClash, and I should not be banned. Tarnation you all." -CrystalQian
    "Ensign CrystalQian » i sealed a ship!!!!!!!!
    CrystalQian died
    Ensign CrystalQian » NOO WHY
    Cpt. speedilopez » crystal sealing is illegal
    Cpt. speedilopez » aka not allowed
    Ensign CrystalQian » idgaf" - Logs

    "Fack the fack off" - Gatraf
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