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Terra the rule is there to make combat playable yes, but it also reduces lag on the server.
15 days ago
The problem is your not supposed to be able to do the thing that you did at all, but you bypassed it, making it illegal, and bannable.

Though for your situation I can reason with you because it seems as if you weren't using it for advantage rather because you wanted to see if it worked or not. And in the end, you did dispose of whatever you spawned in.

Now I won't be lifting your ban, there's a date set where you'll be unbanned on the server, so we can all talk it out, including VIEF.
19 days ago
I might look into updating the server to 1.14 if the games actually working then, right now 1.13 is really unstable according to people who've updated to it.
20 days ago
I'm Solmex, the owner of IronSeas

I would like to introduce myself as an eager server owner who has a tiny bit of knowledge between coding, and NavyCraft itself.
The forum you are on right now is our new, and improved forum software that links our forum between the Minecraft server and the forum itself, allowing more flexibility with our website.

I would like everyone who has suggestions for the forum or the website, in general, to post them in #suggestions in the Discord Server.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see you soon on IronSeas.
6 months ago