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Ban Appeal - Addressing "Illegal"

Discussion in 'Punishment Appeals' started by VIEF_Chokolatecake, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. IGN: VIEF_Cheesecake
    The type of punishment: Ban
    Duration of the punishment: 1 Week
    When the event occurred 11/30/2018 and around 7:20 PM (Pacific Timezone, translate)
    The reason given for your punishment: Using modification to game that is unfair to other players [Tapemouse] When you come back it better be off.

    Why I believe this punishment is unfair:
    Hi, I'd like to start off by saying what Tape mouse is, its been no secret that I had this mod in my client, now of course its not a mod for "hacking" and I sort of doubt that people even know its existence, but I'm telling you right now, this part will be the most important, Its not like hacking where you have tabs and crap, its just a command, and this command allows you to ease yourself and not get tired while clicking. The mod creator states that it was not built for cheating and he's stated that he is NOT making it undetectable.

    I of course at the beginning thought it was gonna be some ultra hack mod, and wasn't intended for use on NC, but on hypixel. Then in the end, it wasn't practical for that role, so I realized that it was extremely useful for building, I don't have to pull a sweat!

    But lets talk about now what I used it for in this case. I used it to ease my clicking without getting tired. with an AA-gun, now I was perfectly calm using it because I usually use it, I didn't even expect to be banned because staff just didn't look like they cared, but after I turned it off, moo asked me "What is Tapemouse?" and I was a little bit confused, because I had no idea that staff could even see it, because I've used it with staff online yet they seem to not care... So I was just explaining it, but in a joke matter like "uh its a... command", after that I got off my keyboard and went to check something, then when I came back, steam messages, ban message, and discord pinging. I was banned for a week.

    So let me explain why I continued using it, The rules allow a bunch of mods, and give examples, like voxelmap. It gives a larger advantage than what I was using. I know, its common sense however it really didn't make sense to not make it legal, its like a tool, not a weapon. I used it for a long time on NC-IS, hell sol even tested it, and he didn't give a crap... so I just kept using it, no one cared. I publicly said that I had it, yet nobody cared! I would of stopped a long time ago if a staff told me that I should taken it off, for once heres what I should of gotten:

    Get me to disable the mod, "Maybe Deduct money" and if I use it again, I get that ban. But the most important part is the duration, 1 week is not fun, I shouldn't get a ban at all. So if you can give me a valid answer to my problem then make it a fair one, and don't draw "On the toxic list" into this, it has nothing to do with it, its just bull**** I would rather have reasonable answers then to just have "deserved it" "done illegal things" community's opinion should not matter and let staff take care of it, because when has that gone right before?
    Lets be reasonable. I rather not have tapemouse but keep voxelmap, extra: staff saw my screenshot of voxelmap, but didn't give a doodoo.
    Thank you, yours truly.
  2. A bit unfair to suddenly get punished for it without warning, also given i believe you have used it in solmex’s presence on a submarine without him complaining
  3. Indeed if what you say is correct you should have at least gotten a warning. Much more reasonable to warn you, and if after you keep using them than a ban of that sort would be just. Seeing your easiness to happily disable it I'm sure this will be resolved soon.
  4. FYI ^^^ These people maybe my friends, however friends look out for eachother, and they're just getting information because they do care about my future on the server. You cant talk nonsense like you're superior VVV I see yall coming
    They were on the chat talking about wat I was doing, therefore apart of this and a witness.
  5. Moo

    Moo Admin Staff Member Admin

    At the time, having not had experience dealing punishments for modded clients besides obvious things like flyhacking, I didn't know whether something like this is as serious as lets say someone flyhacking. Stating that I also did not know what a punishment would be for using a mod such as this. Looking in hindsight after hearing that he does NOT use it for PvP I should have given him a firm warning to turn it off, and not a ban. This was an action of inexperience dealing with a case such as this and it shouldn't happen again.

    +1 Unban
  6. Thank you for your appeal of this inquiry.
    First and foremost I would like to say as the Regulations Officer is that I am sorry for such occurrences to happen. With the staff team overestimating towards the actual severity of the issue. With this, you will be lifted of your banishment from the allocated week long custody. However, I would like to point out several things you could do to possibly avoid such an event happening in the future in the usage of your tool. Researching the tool it is found that it is possible to add a delay to that command, with this I highly recommend that a long delay (0.5 clicks/second) is given to the command in doing so you would and will not be charged for the use of hacks. Lastly, I recommend that when being asked about your tool in future that you do not play comedy onto the staff members about the severity of the tool.


    97hello_kiki (Hubble)
    Regulations Officer of the Ironseas Movecraft Naval Warfare Server
    Disciplinary and Regulatory Office
    Administrative Officers Group

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    if you’re going to try sounding all formal please at least run your post through grammarly and learn your verb tenses
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  8. Sorry, but the inquiry has just been resolved. Would you like to comment and jokingly provide an appeal towards the insignificance of the given comment?
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  10. ya'll should just wait the damn week,

    Seriously, i'm your ally ingame and all, but you should know better.
    Seriously, Suck it up.
  11. you're retarded
    why would you randomly doing nothing then suddenly, "ban for a week" ah, suck it up is what you mean, you're very smart.
    no you're autistic af gtfo
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