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Israel's base Raided/Destroyed/CONQUERED by UER and Allies

Discussion in 'Server Politics' started by Kaiser CreeperHate, Nov 22, 2017.

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  1. Today marks the day of the Defeat of Israel. This long awaited moment has been contemplated for many weeks and months, and it has finally happened in a sensational victory! After Israel's secret unclaimed bunker was raided, destroyed, and claimed by CreeperHate single handedly, I came back to finish Israel off, this time with he help of the rest of the people of UER and allies. We Pillaged and Conquered their land, later proceed to raiding all the chests at the f home and finally destroyed the place with loads of cannons and bombardments. The base was claimed by UER and we patrolled the place occupying it until TacoNavy finally arived where Vief and others killed cam and unstop many times. We were finally driven off, but happy since the deed has been done and we have literately Conquered them. A few hours later Drake and Mad were reportedly raging and they unclaimed all their land to 0 confirming the defeat.
    2017-11-22_12.43.28.png Hmmmm more potions!
    Pillaging and Conquering the land
    2017-11-22_12.57.30.png 2017-11-22_12.57.37.png 2017-11-22_12.57.41.png
    Lol 2 hours later, they unclaimed all 70 chunks of their land!

    Final message for ST(I), Withdraw or be faced with the same fate as Israel.
  2. WTF Drake, you still had Trainer Items..
  3. Who gives a crap about bases, I'll make a bunch of fake ones again.
    Prepare to be ended for a second time creeper, and thanks for starting another war , I was getting bored. No one is scared of your faction, and one raid doesn't constitute victory. I thought you knew this, since you were the leader of GE.
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  4. You seem to care so much, by repeatedly threatening us which can only be seen as a result of anger at the loss of your ally, and the resource bunker that you lost previously. Otherwise, you wouldn't make such a long threat, about how you supposedly "don't care at all", when if you truly didn't care, you would simply move on, build a new base, and likely not even respond if you TRULY didn't care.

    This seems to be a flaw in the reasoning of each of the members of the STI that attempt to somehow insult us.
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  5. Another thing I find hilarious is that Israel accuses us of hacking and cheating, and we happen to come across several illegal items in our raid on their base. This really is quite pathetic.
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  6. "Killed unstop and camkam many times" Go shove the whole thing up your ass. Me and cam got killed once. As soon as the rest of TN showed up you noobs got flattened. Drake and mad have every right to be angry as i can only imagine how long it took them to build that base.

    Whats pissing me off is this battle glory post, it's completely unnecessary. At least when adv documents battles its just facts and none of this propaganda bullsh.ittery.
  7. Lol, they actually think I’m giving up. I didn’t “rage” I unclaimed it because it’s gone. You think I give up? HAHAHAA NO! You just wait kids, your time for being destroyed is coming.
  8. We weren’t even online when the retards raided me. It isn’t even a victory they had zero fight because I couldn’t join.
  9. "Whats pissing me off is this battle glory post" You mean the same thing that STD does?
  10. And apparently drake thinks calling everyone retards will somehow magically rebuild his base and give him his loot back. This is why you got demoted you know.
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  11. I don’t give a crap about my demotion, idiot. I’m not saying my base will be rebuilt either. I’m saying you just pissed sti off even further and to expect your faction’s execution.
  12. "Gentlemen, we have just kicked a rabid dog." ~ Isoroku Yamamoto
    "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself." —Joseph Goebbels

    Creeper. How many fu.cking times do we have to do this? You're in over your head. You're in a war you, contrary to your belief, will lose.
  13. It’s like this, we hit him, he hits back once, and after that it’s utter beat down.
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  15. I literally thanked you for starting another war, I'm not mad at all I'm actually quite excited and happy, and my bro tooopolar is getting unbanned on December 10th which should be in the height of it. And second it's as much of threat as it is a fact.
    I made glory posts to both enrage creeper and try to big dick myself as well as recount events, but they are retarded, so that's why I did like 3 or 4 at the beginning.
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  16. And don't we have any right to be mad? Our base has been bombed many times over, we never had a history of aggression. You should be ashamed for not even considering the grief me and my comrades have faced trying to defend our old sacred lands (Germania). We have suffered and fought valiantly to fend off the invaders, We have ceaselessly tried to preserve our nation, We will never forget the grief you and your gang of barbaric savages have done to us and our lands. You never stopped bothering us, your kind has never felt remorse for their actions and neither should we, We Don't care if TN killed us, The sweet deed of Revenge is more than equally gratifying for my long awaiting comrades. And as long as you keep trying to destroy us you will be faced with the rest of the recoil of months of Anger.
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  17. You roleplay too much that also coincides with your love for anime and all things Japanese but still you are in denial also creeper the holocaust was fake I checked with the website the daily stormer and that reliable source of news told me that it was Jewish propaganda and stuff and that the holocaust was fake and that hitler was actually like a great leader economically and stuff Also on to another topic ooga booga nigga nigga decode that message that is a clue about me as a person and as well I can view hentai legally being a 62 year old man I can view hentai without repercussions also the best juul pod is pineapple.
    That ugly and horrible cronut steals all the fame and spotlight. I used to be the best one around at Nick’s café. Now I am just a rotten old banana named Greg Longface. I am not the only one that is jealous there is also Jim the muffin and awkward Stacy the blueberry. Our little group named the cool club, which were not. But one day we will get revenge on those nasty cronuts. The cronuts also have their own group called the nightriders or kool kronut klub (kkk). They are called this because they leave the glass area at night and ride crotorcycles which are motorcycles that they made.
    While they are out tonight we are going to go to there glass and pour orange juice in their beds so they are soggy. We made it over there and pour it all down their beds and sleeping bags. But they spotted us. We sprinted as far away as a blueberry,a muffin,and a banana can run. So the next day no one would buy the cronuts. But they bought all of us.
    The only problem was we did not know we would get eaten.
    I also dislike Susanne Bier, she seems like a feminist.
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  19. AS the only NC Battle Journalist I hereby declare this battle recording bulls h i t
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  20. Lol
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