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My personal suggestion post.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Wazabi, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. 1. Tdm and Ffa ground war style. 2. Obliquely fly direction for planes and heli's. 3. More anti-sub weapons. 4. More obvious turning of ships and subs. 5. Engines can blow up when turbo'ed. 6. More turret options. 7. Pay to rtp with your ship (Might be hated) 8. Actual wheels for tanks and cars. 9. Small version or torpedo tube for ships. 10. Cannons can blow up (Might be hated) 11. Add a sugesstion tab on discord. 12. Miniguns that can be fired from (airplane sign). 13. Duels vs eachother (Possible an arena). 14. Reputation for being online (Mostly for my love of not battleing and building insted <3). 15. Add a suggesstion tab on discord <3. 16. Cargo plane plots (Only cargo planes or deleted). 17. Torpedos cost double on ships (Might be hated). 18. Add trainers to staff team. 19. Look suggestion 11 and 15 <3. 20. Add anti spam plugin (Possible hated?). Ty for reading more be added later :))
  2. TheInventorMan

    TheInventorMan Admin Staff Member Admin

    Could you elaborate, please? You've basically just explained tankspawn.
    To move diagonally? They already do that, just look 45 degrees and right click. On helicopters you'll move diagonally, and planes/ships will activate "rudder" which does the same thing.
    Like what? The only anti-sub weapon I can think of that we don't have is the Hedgehog, which is basically just DC with more range anyway.
    How so? Again, I need less-vague suggestions here.
    Is planned already, I believe.
    It's planned. Though perhaps not in the way that you're thinking of...
    No. We had enough problems with people tping into bases with player RTP, much less a whole vehicle RTP function.
    In the texturepack? Yeah, I'd be in support of that. We could even make them 3D JSON models so they're circular(ish).
    I'm not certain how you propose we scale down torpedoes, they're already only one block wide. It's easy to fit them on ships as-is, anyway.
    Why--why would people want that?
    You'd be better off asking Sol directly about that one.
    Just use CIWS and helm at the same time, mate.
    We've been doing weekly tournaments already, and they have a dedicated duel world for it.
    Not certain how you propose we do that. Besides, we need to encourage more people to sail, anyway.
    You really want this, don't you.
    Seems unnecessary, more work for the staff anyway.
    Why? I don't see any reason to do that whatsoever.
    Automated tutorials have pretty much taken over the dedicated trainer "run through this ship's training routine for every newbie who joins the server" staff role, and nothing's stopping you from helping new players anyway. I wouldn't mind a group for especially helpful players though, maybe with some light perms or rewards, too.
    You really want this, don't you.
    In full support, as long as it's actually a decent plugin.
  3. 1. Like actual matches u go into with rifles and shit that u can queue up for or somthing (Possible an event in any case)

    2. I cant see that ive tried many times in any case then i can kinda click left then right then left but thats really a hassle if ur fighting

    3. I just feel like subs are way to op right now espacially with the homeing now (They def need nerf)

    4. like in a u turn kinda way just uk (AND I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO SEE SHIPS MOVE BLOCK BY BLOCK INSTED OF 5 OR 3)

    5. Good good (also if they get shot they could explode (Engines)

    6. Like longer cannons, higher cannons, flatter cannons, wider cannons, heavy cannons, light cannons.

    7. Yh seemed dumb

    8. Hell yh and wheels for planes and gears for tanks

    9. like 3 wool insteda 4 and maybe remove the clay (for thin ships)

    10. If the dispenser gets shot i was thinking.

    11. I have and many other admins

    12. thats a hassle could be more building options with miniguns can u can control from the cockpit.

    13. Just a friendly duel u could ask for like a /tpa req (All the time)

    14. I dont see how that would encourge peopel not to battle if anythign it would invite builders to the server aswell

    15. I very much do its a hassle on forums <3

    16. A faster trip and would make a twist to the plane part of Nc2

    17. Because torpedos arent normally fir onto ships (Ik dumb idea)

    18. Maybe we could add a karma system and people could honor eachother or somthing:I

    19. I do :)

    20. Chat is always flodded with people hating on each other (I do it my self from time 2 time)
  4. torpedo release button with in the plane & helicopter.
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  5. Necro...
  6. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    minimod... stfu stewie