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NavalClash (2.0) - Rules of Game Play and Behavior

Discussion in 'Announcements & Important Information' started by Wrangler, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Wrangler

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    Server rules.
    Punishments for violating rules may vary depending on your situation.

    General Player Conduct:
    - Respect all players. Communicate in a respectful manner whilst keeping it PG-13.
    - Do not discriminate others in anyway or form.
    - Don't share or make negative/sensitive content.
    - Use common sense and keep a positive mindset.
    - Don't flame or be toxic.
    - Staff have the final word.

    Nation warfare (kingdoms/factions)
    - Do not set home near enemy territory
    - Do not sink bases or islands in any way or form.
    - You cannot attack another nation without an established functioning base of your own
    - Offline raiding is illegal.

    Gameplay and Combat
    - Do not use training vehicles outside of its purpose or attack it if it is being used.
    - Griefing on a vehicle you are crewed is illegal.
    - Spawn camping and Disabling your vehicle in the middle of combat is prohibited.
    - Scamming another player in anyway or form is prohibited.
    - Do not use any client based assistance (hacked clients etc.) nor glitches of any kind.
    you can however use a minimap without radar and non hacking ones
    - Using handguns while on periscope is illegal. Shooting from the water with handguns, on vehicles, and anywhere else but PERISCOPE is legal.
    -Safedock fire (firing from or into the docks) is illegal. Your vehicle must be out of the docks before you can fire.

    - Sealing (boarding another craft without permission) is legal only outside of docks/safezone.
    you cannot break or place blocks whilst sealing nor use weapons of the target ship against itself. To use a vehicle's weapons, you must TAKEOVER the vehicle. (Right click main vehicle sign and wait for vehicle to become "abandoned")
    - Combat Logging : Do not combat teleport (until combat is done or vehicle sunk/destroyed.)
    - Do not fire cannons underwater in any way or form.

    Building Vehicles Construction Rules

    - Box shaped vehicles and vehicles that cause lag are illegal.
    - Carriers in any shape or form must launch their carrying vehicles outside of the docks/safezone
    - Using AA gun with a periscope is illegal
    - Block overriding ("**** vehicles") are illegal.
    - Do not copy other builds
    - No Triple Barrel Cannons on Ship1 Vehicles - Illegal (Warning, Clear Weapons, Vehicle etc)
    - Torpedo wall: A structure built in the warzone, designed to prevent torpedoes from making contact with vessels. Is not connected to a vessel of any kind, and will not be sunk in any case. The intention towards creating this said structure will lead to the destruction of the wall and a spawn teleport.

    Water based vehicles:
    - Ships that float above waterline (y 63) are illegal.
    - Sponges on ships are LEGAL.

    Land based vehicles:
    - Tanks must touch the ground when moving

    Air based vehicles:
    - Kamikaze is illegal (Crashing planes into Water Based Vehicles, Bases, and Tanks)
    - Flying vehicles cannot be immune to small projectiles (AA, CIWS, Bofors). [Example Iron, Stone, Obsidian etc]
    - Depth charges on planes are illegal (Use Bomb Droppers)

    Emphasis on rule 3 and 4 of the general conduct area:
    - Use common sense & Staff have final word (staff word is law)
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