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The_11thDoctor's Application for the President of the US.

Discussion in 'Server Politics' started by The_11thDoctor, Aug 2, 2017.


Presidential Election -US- For Permtowns 2k17 Candidate: The_11thDoctor

  1. Yah! I'll Support The_11thDoctor

  2. Hmmm.. nah..

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  1. US-Flag2.jpg

    Hello my fellow citizien!
    Hereby, I'm Applying as a Candidate for the presidential Election of America:

    I am The_11thDoctor, I Played for over 2000 Hours on Naval Battlezone and NavalClash, I took part in serveral wars, Unfortunately I've ruined some former nations with my actions back then.
    Later that Time I took a break from wars; with BRD - We were a fantastic Faction (much roleplay, much amazing bases/citys, much wow.)

    Welp, enough with that, lets move on to the paperwork:


    2nd in Command:

    Military Structure and Ranks:

    Airforce: The AF Will be our branch in the Air: Planes, Helis
    They are Operating the Airforce Bases (runways), Satelites etc.. They are Our Pilots!
    Army: These Guys are our PvP masters! They drive Tanks, They fly Helicopters (Cargo etc) The Army Operates their bases, Artillery defenses, Tanks, and much more!
    Navy: The Navy seems to be our Main Armed Force, They Provide Mobile Runways (Carriers) For the Airforce and for their own use, They Are Underwater, Above Water, In Water! They Sail Cargo and Support Vessels, Frigates, Destroyers, Corvettes, Battleships, Carriers, and not to forget Subs! They Are the First Defense Line of America!

    Ranks: (Subject may be Changed)
    General of The Air Force (Commander of AF, member of MilitaryParliament)
    Major (Commander of an AF Base/Outpost)
    Sergeant (Air Wing Leader, Flys Planes/Helis, ATC)
    Pilot (Important Soldier in the AF, Flys Planes, Helis, Operates Radar, weapons etc.)

    General of The Army (Commander of the Whole Army, member of MilitaryParliament)
    Major (Leads an Army Base/Outpost)
    Sergeant (Leads a brigade, drives tanks)
    Soldier/Private (Soldiers, Drives Tanks, flys planes, operates systems)

    Admiral of The Navy (Commander of the Navy, member of militaryParliament)
    (Rear) Admiral (Commander of a Navy Base / Fleet)
    Captain (Commander of a Vessel)
    Petty Officer
    (Both are Operating Systems, Weapons etc.)

    Some Extra Ranks:

    • Federal Minister of Defense (IDK)
    • Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs (IDK)

    The Taxes would be set at around 200$ per day

    The Government would spend the Taxes

    • For the basic equipment at our outposts
    • to support our allies and armed forces
    • (for some Military Research)
    • For official New Vehicles in the Branches
    • to equip our troops
    If a Citizien needs some money, We'll surely help him!

    Infrastructure plans:
    The Government will soon provide
    • housings, apartments
    • plots, where you can build your home yourself
    • (shops maybe)
    • Roads; -Roads? Yes, Roads. So you would be able to travel by car on ROADS :O (nice different locations)
    • Airports and harbours
    • Citys, Villages and the Capitalcity with the Capitalbuilding <- will be a mixture between the US Capitol and the German Reichstag/Bundestag (modern one)
    • and some Offices, for help or to sign in into the Military
    • And.. and.. much more.
    Governmental plans:
    The Government will discuss in the above named parliament building.
    Decisions will be made when the majority votes yes/no.
    If there needs to be a fast decision, the 2 highest-in-command- players (online) will handle it out - yes, for the best of the US.

    And: IF you have a problem with the government's decision; found a party or try to become a politician! because YOU ARE a Citizien of America, so tell us your opinion, you have a keyboard!
    That's for the well-being of our Citiziens and our Lovely Country!
    (Later we will hold Elections for the new President up.)

    Propaganda plans:
    I'm not a friend of Propaganda... so, I Think we will publicy some facts of the country. Or some videos/Pictures with facts from our Army/Navy/Airforce or a new vehicle/Weapon/decision.

    Diplomatic Policies and Relations:
    With my experience, I'll Try to Avoid Any Harm for America
    We Won't Attack Nations, only If we have a good reason and If its necessary.
    And Of Course we will support our Allies if they need Help, e.g. by sending (Support) troops, materials, Vessels etc.

    Towny Knowledge/Experience:
    Since I Played this a bit on another server, Ive got some good experince with towny - So In My Opinion i think im Good with it.

    Server Knowledge/Experience:
    Most Of You Should know me; I've Joined around 2014, was in USMC with GMI3, then DeutschesReich (Feldmeijer), Apex with martmn in the APEX-NBZE war, then GreatBritain, BundesRepublikDeutschland, Warhammer, BRD 'till now. anywhere between that was the Perm facs, where I (already mentioned) was in Allies, served first as the Commander of the Anti-Terror UNIT, after that I was the Commander of the USA Outpost (Under Adventure117217's Leadership) Then I served as the Adm. of the Navy under kiki's Leadership.
    So with that gathered experience, I want now to try this new thing out.

    Why you should choose me:
    I dont know? Tell me.
    Well I Got Experince during many, many wars, ups and downs...
    Now I Want to start WITH YOU! a New Era of ''Permanent'' Nations
    So? Lets Find together out of what we're made of!


    For your Well-being! For America! For the Future!
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  2. Definetely voting.
  3. wow thats dedication you thought this whole thing out. You got my vote
    The_11thDoctor likes this.
  4. Thank you! I'm very honoured :D
  5. EDIT: 871dalencon
    will be my 2nd in command!
  6. Great Application! You can count on having my vote! At first I was going to maybe do an application, But now I just want to fight side by side with you <3
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  7. you got my vote
    The_11thDoctor likes this.
  8. I'll vote for you if I can be the admiral for the submarines.
  9. I meant main admiral of the entire navy lol
  10. I'm Voting
  11. Voting.
  12. I fully support Doc becoming President of the United States!
  13. Dalencon and Doctor *Damn* **Shouts to every1 AHHH RUN FOR YOUR LIVES**
  14. Only our enemies will have to do that :) Otherwise they won't last too long

  17. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    There's always next election...
  18. Not for me, I'm absolutely done here - after being called a Nazi by peng, all the drama, and finally being saved by @camkam <3
  19. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    faction drama lol
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